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 The Rules, Important, please read!
 Posted: Jun 3 2014, 03:01 AM

Being a Queen
years old


The Rules + Things to Consider

Respect your peers is the golden rule on KttC. Please remember that our characters are not our members, and vice versa. If you're having an issue with another player, please contact an admin immediately. We have ZERO tolerance for bullying or cliquing.

SPECIAL NOTE: We have many LGBTQIA+ members and characters on this site. KttC has always embraced diversity, and will continue to do so. Bullying and disrespect of this community and the people within it, on or off the KttC boards, will result in a permanent ban and your content will be removed from the site. This is not something we take lightly. This also applies to racism, ableism, sizeism, ageism, sexism, etc.


Register with your character's first and last name in proper capitalization (i.e. John Doe). If you've made a mistake or require a name change for whatever reason, contact an admin for help.

OOC accounts are for admins only. The first character you register as will be your main account. Any subsequent characters you create will be attached to the primary account.

The shipper section of your app is mandatory, the freestyle is not. You can start playing as soon as your application is complete, and an admin will sort you within a few hours. If there are any modifications needed for you application, we'll send you a message directly.

Select the "track this thread" option on your application so you get notified if an admin or player replies to your thread!


Just don't. This is a standard for most roleplaying games, but if you're newer to roleplaying: god-modding is when you write a playable character's actions or reply without them having been alluded to beforehand. "Controlling" another player's character without permission is not allowed. If you need help with this, please contact an admin! We're here to help.

Use common sense. A character with one year of combat training will be no match for a character with 10+ years of similar training. Relationships between opposing members groups should be more difficult than those within the same group, etc. Use these challenges as opportunities to be creative!

Actions and traits have consequences. The choices your character makes should have proportional in-game consequences. Try to be realistic in deciding how things will play out. If your character kills someone's brother, chances are they will be out for revenge. It could even affect entire member groups, start wars, etc!

Respect the struggle. If you choose to have a character with a mental or physical disability, please do your research and try to represent it respectfully within the game. Don't pick a disability just because you think it's cute or quirky. Remember that a person's life does not center around their struggle, it grows from it. Disabilities should be a piece of your character, not their only defining trait.


There will never be bans or limits on number of characters or character types. You can create as many characters as you want whenever you want so long as they are linked to your main account. If you are no longer using a character and would like them to be deleted, please let an admin know. If you need a character for only a couple threads, please consider making an NPC instead and using the Minor Character account. You can find a list of current NPCs HERE.

Face claims are not mandatory, but if you choose to use one you must claim them HERE. Do not use people who have requested their face not be used for role-playing purposes (you can find the list HERE)

Characters of all ages are permitted, but only characters 16 and older can have dedicated accounts. This means your first account must be a character over the age of 16. Characters below the age of 18 or using face claims below the age of 18 may not participate in threads with a rating higher than L3-S2-V2. This rating cap also applies to players under the age of 18. You must be 16 or older to join the site. Characters below the age of 16 can be listed as NPC and use the Minor Character account until they turn 16.

Plot-crucial characters may be put up for adoption if a player leaves the site without notice. Rest assured that none of your original content will be used if the character is adopted. This is solely for the purpose of being able to continue ongoing plots if people disappear.

This site is for original characters only. Do not copy real-life or fictional characters from existing media or fandoms. To this effect, we ask that you avoid using the name of your face claim, or characters your face claim has portrayed, when creating a character. That being said, there is nothing wrong with taking your inspiration from existing stories or people, so long as it is inspiration and not plagiarism.


Please be aware and respectful of your roleplaying partner's rating cap (it can be found in the third tab of their mini-profile, and on each application). Always flag mature threads by putting an [M] at the beginning of your thread title. CLICK HERE for more information on ratings and what is considered Mature.

There is no word count. Give your partner something to respond to. The best indicator is whether or not something has changed between the beginning and end of your post. Keep in mind this needs to be a change that is perceivable by the other character! It could be within the dialogue, body language, or an exterior source.

We don't do activity checks. If a player hasn't logged into their main account for over a month, their threads will be archived and related accounts deleted.

Real Life always comes first. This goes for admins as well as players. If you're going through some stuff and can't be around for a while, whether it's for mental health, physical health, or other reasons... we totally understand. You should never feel bad about not being able to post, or not being in the right state of mind to play. Please post in the Hiatus thread if you can, or PM an admin if you require discretion.


Google is your friend, but so are the admins! If you are new to role-playing, or maybe just new to the forum format, please feel comfortable asking for help from your fellow players and the admins. This site is for people of all levels and backgrounds, and we want to make the experience fun and enjoyable while helping you develop your characters and writing skills. Don't be shy! If you have any questions about the city of Chicago Kimmy is your best bet since she lives there. There are also plenty of resources about writing and other stuff HERE.


The only mandatory graphic is your avatar, and it is required to have one even if you're not using a face claim. Use a different avatar for each character. Do not use gifs in your avatars (forum or chatbox), or your signatures. This is to reduce the amount of flashing images on the main page. Avatars must be 250x400px, mini-profile gifs 220x200px, and signatures cannot be bigger than 500x250px. You may request graphics help HERE or in the cbox.


Templates are permitted, but must have high contrast and a font size of 11px or more. Due to certain font styles being smaller than average, we may request you to change your size to something bigger than 11px. This is the internet, people! No need to worry about wasting paper. You can also use the site's default template with the (post) BBCode (use brackets instead of parentheses).


Claiming another person's work as your own is never okay whether it's writing, code, or graphics. Please make sure to give credit where it is due. The first offense will earn you a warning, the second will result in a permanent ban.


The most important rule of all!

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